Your BMW Engine is a Ticking Time Bomb

BMW crank hub on N54, N55 and S55 engines.
BMW’s single-bolt crank hubs found on N54, N55 and S55 engines aren’t an ideal design for spirited driving or high-performance bolt-on modifications. There is, however, much more to the story.

If you drive a BMW with a turbocharged six-cylinder engine, it may have a critical flaw which has left you with a ticking time bomb. If you drive enthusiastically, please read the following and consider the repair before it’s too late.

Before we get started, let’s touch on “reliability,” a dirty word for German cars. While the reasoning for this can be wildly subjective, Rob and I feel it’s because of one thing: innovation. First to market means first to fail, right?

Every once in a while though, a part slips through that doesn’t meet their usual standard. In this case, it’s the crank hub living deep inside of your turbocharged, six-cylinder BMW engine.

What’s a Crank Hub?

In a nutshell (or an engine; har-har), a “crank hub” holds your engine’s crankshaft together with its timing gear. Together, the crankshaft and timing gear tell your engine’s pistons and valves when and how to move up and down, open and close.

What Happens If the Crank Hub Fails?

In higher-performance engines, a crank hub is typically “keyed,” or reinforced in place with something more than just a bolt. Unfortunately, in BMW’s N54, N55 and S55 engines the crank hub is only secured with a bolt.

In normal driving, this doesn’t cause much of an issue. For those of you who drive your BMWs hard, take them to the track, or have bolt-on performance products and software upgrades, the crank hub design can spell a near-certain demise for your engine.

What Vehicles Does This Affect?

Pretty much every six-cylinder BMW made from 2007 through present day. If you’re not sure, feel free to contact us and we’ll let you know. For those of you with F80/82/83 M3s and M4s, this is a truly critical fix.

How Do I Fix My BMW Crank Hub?

There are plenty of shops and parts suppliers claiming to have “the fix” for BMW crank hub issues. In reality, studies have proven that unless your shop knows exactly what they’re doing – including having access to BMW special tools – they’ll end up inadvertently damaging your engine.

Along with our BMW Master Technician friends, we’ve concluded that Maximum PSI‘s reinforced crank hub kit provides the only acceptable solution on the market.

To our knowledge, there are only two shops within 500 miles of Denver which will perform this repair. Movement Motorsports is one of them, and the other is in Kansas.

Do I Have to Do This Now?

While it’s recommended for any N54/55 or S55 engine, it’s truly critical for enthusiastic F80/82/83 M3 and M4 drivers who track their cars or have bolt-on modifications. Your cars are truly the ones that are ticking time bombs.

We’re confident we’ve developed both a reasonable price and repair turnaround time for BMW crank hub repairs. Whether you live in Denver Metro or are traveling in from Wyoming, Nebraska, Utah or New Mexico, Movement Motorsports is ready to help.