Mini service and repairs in Denver, CO

How many miles can I expect to get out of my Mini Cooper? We hear that a lot when someone is approaching or has passed, 100k miles. This article will apply not only to Minis but also BMW, Audi, Porsche, Ford, or pretty much any other car on the road. The amount of miles you can get out of your car depends on how the vehicle has been maintained and how its driven.

Mini Maintenance

When it comes to the basics of preventative maintenance, Mini Cooper oil changes are the least expensive service you can do for your car. Good, clean oil plays a huge part in how the engine performs. Oil is not only a lubricant for the engine but its also a hydraulic for the engine components. The majority of expensive problems occur when oil breaks down and is no longer able to do its job. Deposits, or sludge, will cause the oil not to flow or function correctly. This will cause stress to the engine and force the car to work harder. The end result of poor maintenance is more hard-earned money out of your pocketbook towards expensive repairs. We recommend changing your oil every 5k miles.

Repairs on Mini Cooper Vehicles

When you come to Movement we will perform an inspection every time your vehicle is in for service with us. This will allow us to evaluate the current condition of the car and make any recommendations. We will notify you promptly if we find something that needs to be addressed immediately. Before repairs are made we want to know the current condition of your vehicle. Let’s say we find the lower control arm bushings or tension strut bushings are worn and have excessive movement; this could cause the front tires to wear out quicker because of your stop and go Denver driving. Why not fix now so it saves you time, money or potential issues in the future? Items that can wait until the next oil change (or can be put off even longer) will be noted to give you time to plan for the expense.

Avoid Expensive Dealer Repairs

Mini repairs and break downs typically can be avoided if the proper maintenance and upkeep has been performed on the car. Between your visits to the shop we would recommend checking your fluids and tire pressure. Maintaining the correct tire pressure will play a huge part in the vehicle’s handling, fuel economy, tire wear, and safety.  We would recommend checking fluids and tire pressure once a month. We would be happy to perform this service for you – just stop by the shop once a month during your lunch break! You will always find a parking spot at our shop and you can go grab a bite to eat in RiNo.

Feel free to call or stop by to discuss further how you can keep your car on the road for years to come.