Suspension Service & Repair in Denver

Suspension service and repair in downtown Denver

Most people don’t think about suspension repair until problems become obvious. It’s important to address issues with your shocks or suspension immediately, though, because their operation is critical when it comes to keeping you safe. A healthy suspension system works to keep all four wheels on the ground, which keeps you in control of your vehicle. This is especially important here in Denver where some roads are plagued by potholes.

What Does the Suspension Do?

Your vehicle’s suspension helps all four of the tires maintain good contact with the ground. As you go over bumpy roads or other types of imperfect terrain, the suspension system helps minimize how much you feel it. If everything is working properly, you might not even have to think about whether or not your suspension is in good shape.

A lot of car owners know that their suspension and shocks are designed to handle bumps in the road while providing a smooth ride. When you’re in a vehicle with an excellent suspension, it may feel like you’re riding on a marshmallow. By adjusting to meet the road in this way, the system will also keep your tires in more constant contact with the surface under them. This helps the driver stay in control of the vehicle, especially while steering, stopping, and accelerating.

When your suspension starts to experience problems, though, you may notice a difference clearly. Since this system is so critical to the safety, handling, and driving experience of your car, it’s important to address issues right away. Learn more about the most common types of suspension problems to determine if it’s time to take your car to a mechanic in Denver.

Signs of Suspension Problems

There are a number of signs that your suspension may not be working. One of the biggest is that it may start to seem like you’re feeling every minor bump and imperfection in the road. If your ride just isn’t as smooth as it used to be, it probably needs a suspension tune-up. Beyond feeling like the road can rattle your teeth, all of the following can be red flags that you need repairs:

  • The tires are wearing out unevenly or you notice unusual spots being worn into the treads.
  • Your vehicle lurches when you come to a stop.
  • The vehicle vibrates when steering or feels wobbly at high speeds.
  • You’re having a hard time steering, or you hear noises when you turn the wheel.
  • The vehicle feels loose on its frames when you change direction or accelerate.
  • Your car doesn’t feel as tight on corners as it used to, and it’s not as easy to handle.
  • There’s a wet spot under your car from a fluid leak.

What Parts Make Up a Vehicle’s Suspension?

The suspension system in your car consists of several different parts, so we inspect all of them to ensure everything is in good shape. As we diagnose the issue to provide a smooth and safe ride, we’ll check all of the following components:

  • Ball Joints
  • Bushings
  • Control Arm
  • CV Joints and Axles
  • Differential
  • Power Steering and Power Steering Fluid
  • Shocks
  • Springs
  • Struts
  • Stabilizer Bar
  • Wheel Bearings

Suspension Repair in Denver

When you start noticing problems with your vehicle, bring it to Movement Motorsports in Denver. We have experience with German, domestic, and Japanese vehicles, and only use the appropriate parts for your car. Whether the problem is with your suspension, your shocks, or something else entirely, we’ll diagnose the problem and repair or replace failing parts. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for the best car repair in Denver.

Image: Johnni Jenkins