Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance services

From regular oil changes to multi-point inspections, getting regular maintenance is one of the best things you can do to keep your vehicle in good shape. Your vehicle is a significant investment, and regular car maintenance is the way to protect that investment. Here at Movement Motorsports, we specialize in MINI and BMW maintenance, but we cover all your repair needs for any vehicle brand. We give every service request the same attention to detail because that’s what it takes to provide the best car maintenance in Denver.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Denver can get hot in the summer and frigid in the winter. While it’s nice to experience all of the seasons to the fullest, each one creates a unique set of challenges for your vehicle. When you care for your vehicle properly, it will be prepared to stand up to heat, snow, and everything in between. Getting frequent oil changes, tire rotations, and engine checks will help give you peace of mind that your vehicle will perform its best when you need it the most. There are three main reasons that we always recommend people stay up to date with their car maintenance.

Make Your Car Last Longer

If you bought your car from a dealership, there’s a good chance you were given a maintenance schedule, and for a good reason. Regular maintenance will help your vehicle run more efficiently and for a longer time, giving you more years to enjoy it. Even the little things like getting your oil changed every 6,000 miles can help you reduce the stress on your vehicle and allow it to perform as well as possible. You’ll be able to wait longer before buying another car, and you’ll get a better price if you decide to sell.

When you bring your vehicle to Movement Motorsports in Denver for car maintenance, we’ll perform a holistic inspection to see if any areas need attention. We’ll perform standard maintenance services and address all of the following to confirm that your vehicle is in top condition:

  • Air Filters
  • Differentials
  • Engine
  • Inspection I and Inspection II
  • Oil
  • Timing Belts
  • Tires
  • Transmission
  • Transfer Case
  • Valves
  • Wipers

Keep Your Car Safe

Simply put, your vehicle isn’t as safe when it isn’t kept in good condition. To drive well, you need a car that can operate properly and perform as expected. Regular maintenance helps identify and correct issues before they become big enough to cause serious issues while you’re on the road. The last place you want to have an engine or tire problem that renders your car immobile is right in the middle of the highway. 

We value our customers, above all else. You’re the reason we started this business in the first place. Continually thinking about the safety of drivers and passengers is one of the essential ways we put our customers first. When you bring your vehicle to us for regular maintenance, we’ll perform thorough work to confirm that it’s ready for the road.

Save Money on Car Repairs

One of the biggest reasons some people put off getting car maintenance is because they don’t want to pay for it. If you really want to save money in the long run, though, it’s critical to keep up with your regular maintenance. Staying up to date can improve your fuel economy, which saves you at the pump. A proactive approach also helps prevent more significant problems from coming up later on and leaving you stuck with massive bills.

To make things more convenient, you can get a checkup when you bring your car in for an oil change. We’ll inspect parts like the axle, brakes, clutch, steering, suspension, and transmission to make sure everything is in good working order. If we can find problems when they’re still small, you might not have to get whole parts replaced later. Finally, we help save you money by always offering fair prices for our parts and services.

Why Choose Movement Motorsports for Your Car Repair

While we recently (and successfully) broadened our horizons to perform maintenance on all types of vehicles, we started this shop as BMW experts. Since BMW owns MINI, it was only natural for us to specialize in both brands. Whether you need BMW maintenance, MINI maintenance, or work on any other type of car, you can count on us to provide complete attention to detail. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll do everything in our power to offer excellent service and keep your vehicle in top condition.

We’re committed to providing excellent car maintenance for the Denver community. As a local business, we understand that our success depends on the satisfaction of our customers. We’re proud of the work we do, and the feedback we receive from our customers motivates us. Currently, we have achieved perfect 5/5 star reviews on Google, Facebook, SureCritic, and BimmerShops. Visit us in the RiNo District, and we’ll show you what five-star service looks like.


Image: Dzmitry Ryschuk