HVAC: Heating & Air Conditioning

Movement Motorsports has a lot of experience serving the Denver area. We have what it takes to keep your car comfortable even during extreme temperature swings. When it comes to heating and air conditioning, preventative car service goes a long way.

Air Conditioning

After a long winter here in Denver, we’ll make sure your car is ready for summer. Long periods of misuse can lead to reduced performance, but regular maintenance will help you get ahead of any potential issues. Here at Movement Motorsports, we know how to get your car ready for a summer in Colorado.

Heater Repair

It’s important to have reliable heat during the winter, so bring your vehicle to us before the weather turns. We’ll check parts like filters, condensers, and tubes to make sure there are no problem areas. Regular tune-ups will help nip problems in the bud.

Common Signs of Heating and A/C Problems

The biggest sign that there’s a problem is simple: your car just won’t get to the right temperature, or won’t get comfortable as quickly as it used to. If you notice that your car air conditioner is blowing warm air, bring it to us for service and we’ll get to the bottom of things. Similarly, there’s a problem if your car blows cold air even when the heat is on. Other signs of trouble include all of the following:

  • Unusual or unpleasant smell coming from vents
  • Defroster not working
  • A/C only blows when the car is moving
  • Highest fan setting still doesn’t yield good airflow

Common Heating and Cooling Problems for Cars

If you’re noticing some sort of problem with your vehicle’s HVAC system, it normally comes down to one of three things.

  1. Air Conditioner – The problem could be with your car’s A/C itself. This repair may be as simple as replacing a part or recharging the car’s air conditioner with more refrigerant. Alternatively, the system could have a leak that needs to be identified and repaired.
  2. Radiator – The radiator helps exchange heat and cool the vehicle’s engine. The radiator itself is connected to the engine with a set of tubes through which it can circulate coolant. When you have your car’s heater on, this system helps remove heat from the engine and use it to raise the temperature of your vehicle. If you have a leak in your tubes or in the radiator itself, your vehicle will lose coolant.
  3. Belts – Critical heating and cooling components like fans and the water pump rely on belts. Unfortunately, the belts can start to wear out or break over time. If your fan belt is broken or worn, it can be replaced with a new one to restore function.

HVAC Service for Cars

When you bring your vehicle to Movement Motorsports for heating and A/C service, we’ll conduct a thorough examination and use diagnostic tests to pinpoint any issues. Our services include all of the following:

  • Test HVAC controls, blower, and air temperature from vents
  • Cooling system pressure test
  • Check for leaks in HVAC system
  • Inspect belts and replace as needed
  • Check coolant flow (radiator, hoses, water pump)
  • Car thermostat replacement
  • Clean or replace filters
  • Lubricate parts and add refrigerant
  • Examine electrical and mechanical components

Why Choose Movement Motorsports?

Here at Movement Motorsports in Denver, we service all makes and models. Whether your vehicle is German, Japanese, or domestic, we’ll follow the manufacturer’s best practices and use the best parts for your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule an appointment, and we’ll do what it takes to make your vehicle comfortable again.

Image Credit: Shutterstock / LightField Studios