Cooling System Repair

Cooling system repair Denver, CO

When your vehicle is overheating, it’s important to get your cooling system serviced as soon as possible. We normally recommend that people stop driving as soon as it’s safe to pull over, and you may even want to call a towing company to get your vehicle to the mechanic. Driving a car while it’s overheating can lead to serious problems like a blown head gasket or even a seized motor. The mechanic who performs cooling system repair should check for multiple things to see why your engine is overheating.

Coolant Leak

If you find that you’re constantly topping your vehicle off with more coolant or antifreeze, that’s a sure sign that your vehicle is leaking coolant. Coolant leaks can occur at just about any part of your cooling system, so it’s important to check the radiator, the pressure cap, the hoses, and even the water pump. If the problem is a collapsed hose, that can be replaced with relative ease. Other problems like a cracked radiator can require more significant repairs.

You can normally identify a coolant leak by looking under your vehicle to see if it’s leaking coolant onto the ground. If you see a wet spot when you pull out of the garage in the morning, that means there’s trouble. Coolant is normally red or green, but some drivers say it’s hard to tell it apart from some other fluid leaks. Bring your vehicle to Movement Motorsports and we’ll get to the bottom of your leak.

Faulty Hoses

The radiator uses two hoses to move coolant between the engine and the radiator. The lower radiator hose moves coolant from the radiator to the engine to cool it down. Once the engine is cool, the hot coolant goes back to the radiator from the engine in the upper radiator hose. When the radiator hoses are leaking or otherwise damaged, the radiator won’t be able to do its job and the engine will start overheating.

Radiator Problems

There are a few different things that can go wrong with a radiator. The most common problem is that it’s no longer getting the right signals from the thermostat, so the thermostat needs to be replaced. You may also have a failed radiator fan, which will cause your car to overheat when stopped or at low speeds. Radiators often become cracked or blocked at times.

Worn Water Pump

Like some other parts of your car, the water pump simply gets worn out after a while. This can cause the engine to overheat because the water pump drives a mixture of coolant and water through the engine. This mixture needs to be able to go through the engine to cool it down, then get back out of the engine to release heat before going back into the engine. 

Whining and grinding noises are a sign that your pump could be worn out, and you may even have coolant leaking in severe cases. It’s relatively easy to replace the water pump in some vehicles. In other vehicles, it’s necessary to take more things apart to access the water pump. Work with a knowledgeable mechanic who knows how to access this component and replace it.

Cooling System Repair in Denver

Whether your problem is one of the above or something else entirely, you can count on us to figure it out and get you back on the road. Here at Movement Motorsports, we pride ourselves on being a small, dedicated shop. Only an expert will handle your vehicle, which means the work never gets passed off to a new mechanic. Schedule an appointment today.