Maximum PSI Keyed BMW Crank Hub Kit

N54 – N55 – S55 Crank Hub Kit

BMW has a design flaw with the latest S55 turbocharged inline-6 engines (including N54 and N55) where the crank hub can spin freely from the timing gear. The friction plates can be compromised allowing the timing of the engine to jump or skip. This can result in some serious internal damage or best case, cause the need for the engine to be retimed.

Maximum PSI has designed a keyed two-piece system that eliminates the friction plates, taking the worry out of the engine damage in your E90 335i, M3, or M4. Most importantly we believe in this product and how Maximum PSI & SSR fixed BMW’s mistake.

This is what maximum has to say

We are proud to release our keyed crank hub kit for the S55, N55, and N54 BMW motors.  This keyed solution eliminates the friction washer design that BMW used to affix the crank hub, timing gear, and oil pump gear to the end of the crankshaft.

The original flawed design allows the timing gear to spin independently from the crank, especially when the motor is modified.  Best case scenario the motor needs to be re-timed with new components. Worst case, the valves contact the pistons requiring a complete overhaul.   Common symptoms are rough running and camshaft angle deviation faults. Our keyed hub kit requires a skilled technician with access to BMW timing tools and factory repair documents.

The last car that we installed the kit already had the friction plates starting to come apart. If you’re planning on modifying these engine we highly suggest protecting your engine with this kit.

Stock S55 friction plate coming apart in 2 locations.

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