Grand Opening party

On June 9, 2019 we hosted our official Grand Opening party.

After being open for a few months and finally getting settled in our new home in Denver’s RiNo art district we wanted to open our doors to the public. We had Serendipity foods cater the event with brunch style foods. There was your typical eggs, potatoes, fruit, sausage and bacon. Now lets talk about bacon really quick! We should have doubled or maybe tripled the order of bacon because I am pretty sure that the bacon was one of the first things to run out. Did you know that Denver has a couple different bacon conventions every year. Bacon and Beer was earlier this year and they are expected to return again in 2020.

Being that the shop only consists of Rob Steiner and myself there is a lot and not so much that goes into the day to day operations. Our shop has approximately 4000 sq ft worth of space with 3 vehicle lifts installed. When our customers drop of their vehicles they are parked inside the building because we only have 4 outside parking spots.

The doors were open so everyone could walk throughout and see the entire shop. Anyone that comes to Movement for the first time is always amazed when they see the actual work shop. The front office and the building are very deceiving when first looking at it. It looks like a small space that might house a spot or two for cars but the back of the work shop can house approximately 14 cars with room to drive in and out.

We had a couple customers/ friends cars on display. The first car everyone wanted to know about or look was a early 70’s BMW 3.0 CSI. This one was restored about 10 years ago and no corners were cut. When the owners found the vehicle they found a untouched and unmolested BMW. Since these cars didn’t usually come with a radio the owners at the time would cut out the rear shelf (above the seats) and install speakers. This CSI has the original one piece hat shelf with ZERO holes cut into it.

The next two cars are the latest M3 that BMW offers. The Yas Marina Blue M3 is owned by Aaron. This car has been tastefully modded with a final result of 700+ hp at the rear wheels. Aaron says that if you didn’t know the car had all these upgrades under the hood that you wouldn’t think it has that much power. He did a really great job picking all the different upgrades with keeping the stock BMW feel and reliability. We installed the Pure stage II+ Turbos, CSF intercooler and heat exchanger, SSP auto salon clutchs and Maximum PSI keyed crank hub. See earlier post about how critical the keyed crank hub is on these

The second M3 is Rob Steiners personal 30th anniversary Macao BlueJahre M3. The next time you are in for service ask him why he doesn’t drive this more. Its a 2016 with only 500 miles on the odometer. We need him to get to 1200 miles so he can do the first service (1200 mile break in inspection). BMW only offered 150 of these M’s here in the states.

Lastly was a Phoenix Yellow 2001 BMW M3 with less than 30k miles on the odometer. The owner Sasha found this little gem in a barn back east. The car is stock and untouched making it look and feel new. When you open the door the old school BMW leather smell is present.

It was a great turn out with everyone that attended. We had customers that we have personally helped for the last 10 years along with family, friends and others that found us on the internet. We had a fair share of dogs that were came for the smells and to play. Stay tune for an event coming down the road involving puppies and cars.

We want to give a huge thank you to everyone that assisted with coordinating this event. Our families who were there and put in the work. Front Range for managing the alcohol. We look forward to more events in the future. Check out our events page for more information.